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Project Details

Scan tickets and look up guests using the Event Crasherz Entry Manager app! .Event Crasherz organizers can check in attendees faster with Event Crasherz’s Entry Manager app. You can look up attendees on the guest list .You can validate their tickets using the scanning feature. All check-ins are synced with the servers, so user can use multiple devices at different points of entry and not worry about the same ticket being used twice.
With the Event Crasherz Entry Manager app you can Look up and check in attendees off a list Easily validate ticket barcodes using the camera-based scanner Check in attendees using I phone device Go paperless and scan tickets directly from your I phone device Analyze your attendance data online after the event The Entry Manager app is also available for download in the App Store. All check-ins and event data will sync seamlessly across both platforms. Anyone can use Event Crasherz to create an event, setup an event registration page, sell tickets, and manage check-ins with Entry Manager. 

September 9, 2016
Development / Ideas