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Advance ERP built specially for Health care providers

"Deliver high quality patient care by organizing the moment of care."


Customize your interface , workflows and rules to suit your needs.

Flexible & Secure

Option to choose Self hosting or Shared hosting

Robust & Scalable

Rock solid architecture, scale as you grow

The Sky's The Limit

Self scheduled patient appointments

Online portal synchronizes with systems in real time, so that patients can schedule their appointments at their own convenience.

Geo Location

For networks with multiple healthcare facilities, Patient can choose from the convenient location nearby.

Automated notifications

Automation of reminders and appointments reduces the risk of no-shows and optimizes patient experience

Key Benefits

It lets the hospitals make informed decision with real time data of patient flow. It helps you know the precise moment when more resources should be deployed in order to see a greater number of patients.

Enhanced Patient experience
Real time care data collection
Increased admin efficiency

The Sky's The Limit

Manage all aspects of Patient care

A solution versatile in nature, it can be further tailored to suit your specific requirements and processes for diagnosis, laboratory testing and operations. Our comprehensive Patient care modules takes care of all your compliance including HIPAA/ HITECH, Patient management, Hospital Staff and facilities.

Out Patient

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In Patient

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Helping providers to focus more on patient care

Strong data analysis and a need for speed continues to impact healthcare delivery and patient experience.

Enterprise modules

Manage all of your processes efficiently, regardless of the size of your educational institution.

Student Management

Keep track of your Students, class occupancy, performance Ranking, Promotions & certifications and Attendance status, while also managing admissions, appointments. Increase efficiency and reduce costs by allowing tutors to focus on Education Quality.

Finance & Control

Stay up-to-date with billing and collection, Streamline business office workflows, And communicate more effectively with Students, Parents and suppliers. Provides a 360° view of the financial standing of your business.

HRMS & Payroll Solution

A fully functional HRMS & Payroll system to manage all aspects of your Human resource from Hiring to Onboarding till exit with leave, Shift & Attendance.

Service Desk

Record all your incidents , Break downs and change requests. Automate. Customize. Prioritize. Our ticketing software helps you accomplish everything you need to do to resolve the day-to-day tickets faster than ever.

Inventory & Control

Manage your Purchases & internal consumption with our integrated Central store. Comprehensive store Management handles stock, Wallet Integration, Stock Movement with intelligent reporting.

Hostel & Accomodation

Keep track of your accommodations & hostels for students & Staffs, manage occupancies and maintenance services, and track visitors more efficiently.

Canteen Management

Contact less smart card readers and Biometric (Finger Print) sensors for user identification and validation. Can also be used for single or multiple canteens at different locations

and lots more......

Process Management

Admin & Finance

Track attendance online, for easy management and instant notifications

Keep track of tuition fees, outstanding payments and installments

Manage announcements and notifications with mass emails

Approval workflows

Dynamic approval workflows to meet your business’ needs and ensure compliance with business policies.

follow client payments

Streamline the approval process with real-time alerts and notifications.

Payment Gateway

Option to add more than one payment gateways, work with popular providers like Venmo, Google Pay, PayPal, Stripe.

Dynamic routing

Use real-time data validation to handle exceptions and routing in real-time.

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Hospital Management

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