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Oglacs HCM Solution

Right blend of technologies and expertise to transform your human capital management

Human Resource

Empower your business with a modern HCM Solution

Oglacs HCM – Provide your businesses with a powerful system that combines HRMS & Payroll Solution that helps companies automate and streamline their HR workflow.

  • Cloud-based software (SaaS) solution
  • Equipped with employee self service.
  • Time and attendance, Leaves tracking
  • Benefits Configuration and administration.
  • Talent acquisition & Onboarding.
  • Integrated advance payroll solution.

Product features

Approval workflows

Dynamic approval workflows to meet your business’ needs and ensure compliance with policies.

Dynamic routing

Use real-time data validation to handle exceptions and routing in real-time.

Alerts & notifications

Streamline the approval process with real-time alerts & notifications.

Talent acquisition and onboarding

Take advantage of digital tools that streamline the talent acquisition process, from recruiting all the way to onboarding. The system lets you define your rules and workflows in accordance with your Hiring policy.

"Our HCM Platform lets you streamline the talent acquisition process, from recruiting all the way to onboarding."


  • Create and manage resource requisition from different departments.
  • Set Hiring criteria’s for the recruit.
  • Create and post the Job.


  • The smart rules based engine to automate the shortlisting of applicants.
  • Assign hiring team to collaborate within the dashboard


  • Paperless onboarding module streamlines all the needed forms.
  • Seamlessly manage onboarding and compliance on the same platform
time tracking

Oglacs HCM gives you a simple fast and efficient way of time tracking. All your time tracking needs are managed in an advance way, giving the organization with multiple options to choose from, to track their workforce time.

Time Management

Time Clock

Turn any iOS/Android tablet device into a kiosk for time capture.

Get rid of buddy Punching

With our smart features such as face recognition , Real time image capture, Geo location tracker, the system will eliminate any chances of buddy Punching.

Punch in/Out

Enable employees with advanced features to clock in/out, manage breaks and many more

Hardware integration

Flexibility to integrate third party hardware to capture attendance data.

"Get rid of double schedulings, An intelligent way to ensure your shifts are staffed properly at all levels."

Shift & Schedule management

Create and manage multiple shifts , Weekly offs for different employee categories from the same window.

Shift planning

Stay on top of employee availability and deploy the right mix of people to meet your shift scheduling requirements.

Notification & communication

Communicate the shift information to your employees in real-time.

Manage staffing

Make proactive adjustments in response to emergencies to avoid over or under-staffing or to manage your costs.

On time adjustments

Get real time alerts of any shortage on floor, make adjustments to fill the gap.

Leaves / time off Management

Avoid some of the disastrous situations at work caused by employee absenteeism. The system  lets you plan your team’s availability for  projects ahead.
Define Employees user roles or even Create Custom User Roles

  • Employees leave policy,

  • Define leave types,

  • Keep a  track of employees’ leave history and leave balance. 

  • Review, access leave reports any time.


Employee self service

Give the employee flexibility of self service through web and Mobile App.

Leaves manager

Define your own threshold to reduce the risks, costs of Absenteeism, and damaging amount of leaves taken by an employee.

Leave Policy

Create and manage Leaves Policy based on employee type , Categories; Manage comp-Offs etc.

On time adjustments

Get real time alerts of any shortage on floor, make adjustments to fill the gap.

Performance Management

Oglacs HCM offers a matured way of measuring performance of your individual workforce, keep records of feedback from peers and managers save time and ensure the accomplishments and improvement areas are recorded.

A holistic approach to performance management.

  1. Equipped with all the industry standard tools to help you measure performance.
  2. Create your workflows that suits your business needs.
  3. Define your rules, metrics and methods of appraisals.
  4. Set goals for the company and individual.
  5. A smarter and convenient way to engage employee.

"Simplify Your Payroll Bring Your Focus Back To People From Papers."

Payroll Management

Modernize the way you manage your Human capital with our integrated payroll Solution. A unique approach to payroll calculation – Unlike traditional method of Payroll where all the payroll processing was initiated after the pay period ends. Oglacs HCM provides the flexibility to opt between

fixed method

Running Method


Benefits of the system

Paycheck calculation

Fixed method calculation is the conventional method of calculation, whereas our unique Running Method lets you automate the calculation from the first day of month.

Tax Management

The system lets you automate your taxes, file withhold supported taxes. Manage multi regional local & state taxes easily.


Get a unified view of your Payroll data across all operating facilities.

Self Service

Equipped with employee self service through Web & Mobile, Lets the employee manage their Personal Data, Pay and tax info , Leaves & Attendance etc.

The best care is on your side

Service & Support

SLA Based support lets you choose the best fit based for your business.

Peace of mind

Get all the latest updates and feature enhancements in your plan without any additional cost.

Focused Care

24/7 Support for the clients using our shared cloud hosting environment.

Quality & Compliace

Compliance with both local, federal and international norms

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