Oglacs is a values-driven technology company dedicated to delivering intelligent technologies, devices, apps, interfaces and solutions to add value to enterprise business process and lives of people.



  • J3/1,B1 Extension MCIE, Mathura Road, New Delhi Republic Of India


 ‎+91 11 4246 4495


We are into a fast moving world and we intend to be the first amongst equals. Our strategies start with our mission .Our mission explains us as a company and serves as a benchmark against which we weigh our knowledge and impart solutions. To ignite the mind of our work force, create a work culture that inspires the spirit and penetrate the heart, a results that comes out to the match of the business, Technologies and Customers expectation.


To put together the leading edge business strategies and Expertise and come up with a solution to maintain the pace of the business  both for the company and the customers.


Inculcating Innovations, Creativity, Camaraderie and Respect without any pretense.