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Purpose build advance eRP for educational institution

Everything you will ever need to efficiently manage your campus

"Think beyond the conventional student information software, Move ahead"

Powerful, robust & scalable yet simple

Genie Campus Smart ERP to manage your educational institution – “A Comprehensive web based ERP for Campus to enable smooth and effective management with a simplified user interface, Fully customizable, Scalable and affordable Solution.”

// why choose us

Right blend of design and architecture

Unified System
Equip your team with an advance ERP system that helps to streamline all of your processes and business operations from a single platform.
Highly customizable
A highly flexible system that lets you customize and configure all of the modules based on your institute types and business needs.
Secure & Scalable
The system scales as your grow. Lets you meet the the local compliance requirements like GDPR, PIPEDA, CCPA for data privacy.

The Best Fit For Any Educational Institutions

Product benefits

For students, Parents & teachers

Give your students the advantage of digital tools that will engage them.


Create & Distribute assignments in a better way with time bound and marks based system.


Create & Distribute digital contents to your students to enable them to learn concepts more easily.

Progress indicator

Graphical presentation of students progress and performance across multiple indicators.


Smart library to enable easy search of library catalogues , write reviews and add to your wish list right from your console.

Online Exams

Let your students practice with online exams or take a controlled exam online.

Exams & Marks

Give your learners the flexibility to interact online where they can post their queries and answer to existing queries.


The parents can track their wards in real time, get instant notifications of last minutes changes to vehicles and routes.

Feedback & Grievances

Encourage your students to give feedbacks and register their grievances.


Give your student a graphical glimpse of their monthly, weekly and overall attendance.

Course schedule

Enable the students to explore their course schedule of all of their subjects, upcoming lectures and missed topics.


Give your learners the flexibility to interact online where they can post their queries and answer to existing queries.

Enterprise modules

Manage all of your processes efficiently, regardless of the size of your educational institution.

Student Management

Keep track of your Students, class occupancy, performance Ranking, Promotions & certifications and Attendance status, while also managing admissions, appointments. Increase efficiency and reduce costs by allowing tutors to focus on Education Quality.

Finance & Control

Stay up-to-date with billing and collection, Streamline business office workflows, And communicate more effectively with Students, Parents and suppliers. Provides a 360° view of the financial standing of your business.

HRMS & Payroll Solution

A fully functional HRMS & Payroll system to manage all aspects of your Human resource from Hiring to Onboarding till exit with leave, Shift & Attendance.

Service Desk

Record all your incidents , Break downs and change requests. Automate. Customize. Prioritize. Our ticketing software helps you accomplish everything you need to do to resolve the day-to-day tickets faster than ever.

Inventory & Control

Manage your Purchases & internal consumption with our integrated Central store. Comprehensive store Management handles stock, Wallet Integration, Stock Movement with intelligent reporting.

Hostel & Accomodation

Keep track of your accommodations & hostels for students & Staffs, manage occupancies and maintenance services, and track visitors more efficiently.

Canteen Management

Contact less smart card readers and Biometric (Finger Print) sensors for user identification and validation. Can also be used for single or multiple canteens at different locations

and lots more......

Process Management

Admin & Finance

Track attendance online, for easy management and instant notifications

Keep track of tuition fees, outstanding payments and installments

Manage announcements and notifications with mass emails

Approval workflows

Dynamic approval workflows to meet your business’ needs and ensure compliance with business policies.

follow client payments

Streamline the approval process with real-time alerts and notifications.

Payment Gateway

Option to add more than one payment gateways, work with popular providers like Venmo, Google Pay, PayPal, Stripe.

Dynamic routing

Use real-time data validation to handle exceptions and routing in real-time.

Admission & onboarding

The built in Admission module is an advanced tool that helps educational institutions manage the student enrollment process effortlessly. It lets admission teams capture student inquiries, check their eligibility, follow-up, collect documents, and complete the application process digitally and on board the student into the system.

Personalized communication to boost your conversion

Boost your conversion rates by engaging prospects with targeted communication in the form of calls, SMS, Email, Video & WhatsApp.

  • Trigger-based email marketing
  • Video Counselling app
  • Click to call
  • WhatsApp communication

Make more by prioritizing and focusing on the right prospects

Save your admission efforts by making sure that you spend time on the right prospect with our inbuilt ML algorithm that helps you differentiate between cold & hot prospects.

  • Follow-up calendar
  • Prediction score
  • Next best action
  • Multi-funnel stages

Program & Curriculum

Efficiently manage your Administrative tasks, such as curriculum design and management. You can create your online representation of your school program with just few clicks. Classes and courses are represented as system entities, in a remarkably flexible way, allowing you to easily make modifications, based on your institutions needs.

Take control of your campus

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