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The THERAPY YOGA is a modularized app designed for all people: the yoga beginner or the experienced ones, who want to take care of the condition of a common human disease such as diabetes (provided by this app), mental stress, back pain, etc.

*Including not only Yoga “Posture”, but also “Breathing”, “Meditation” and “Relaxation” to achieve the best effect.

*Providing you two types of session, the Long Session and the Short Session, that cater to your needs depending on your time availability and place, even at you office. It can also allow you to customize the Session for your preference practices.

*By the Video, the Audio and the text description, it can help you learn the correct skill and practice by yourself easily.

*Wonderful music is available which makes your mind relaxed and peaceful.

*Reminding facility which never allows missing your practice.

*Recording your practice time and providing the graphic analysis function which allows you to compare with your goal set in the app.

September 18, 2015
Therapy Yoga