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Designing a Perfect Landing Page – Website Development

What do you mean by a landing page? It is the page on your website where visitors of your website first see when they click on any link directed to your website. It can be the home page of your page, the about us page, FAQ page, etc. but is designed in a way that impresses all those who visit the site for the first and forever. It can be a place where you can provide high impact customized sales pitch for your visitors. A great landing page can considerably increase conversion rates of your business.
It is a page in your website which you should give most importance to. Your visitors come to your website with reasons and if you are able to provide the information or product you are looking for, you can capture their attentions and gain numbers of loyal customers. And if you are paying for traffic through banner ads, PPC or sponsored links, it is very important that you design a great landing page and this you can do it by yourself (if you have the creative mindset needed) or you can hire any software development company that provides web application development or website development services.
Here are some tips on how to design an effective landing page that will help you gain loyal customers and thereby higher ROI:

Make the Page Eye-Catchy

Bear in mind that only a perfect content of a website is not going to work out. You should also keep in mind the section of people who rely on looks. Therefore, you should make sure that you website has eye-catchy designs. The designs however should be based on products and services you provide. Use images and other media that will impress visitors and keep them coming back for more.

Center on Just One Main Subject Matter

Your company or business might be a Multiservice provider and you may make the mistake of showcasing every service you offer on your landing page. That can annoy visitors due to a lack of precise and concise information. To avoid that, you should just focus on one main topic. If your company is renowned for Android Application Development, you can provide detailed content on that particular service. This will ensure that your page attracts visitors’ attention.

Ensure that your Site has User Friendly Navigation

Even though you have a perfect web content and media, if you have hard to understand navigation, visitors are likely to abandon your website earlier than you think. So it is also important that your site has a navigation pathway that is clean, easy to the eyes and fingers.

Employ Catchy Headlines

When you go through a newspaper, what do you first look for? You first go for the headlines and so is the same when visitors visit your website. Therefore, it is important that you use a catchy headline so that visitors would like to explore your website more. If your target audience is those who look for a software development company that provides the best android application development or web application development, the headline should also portray exactly the information or service your audience is looking for. Headlines should be clear and crisp.
These are some tips on how to design your website’s landing page and here are some more you should focus on and they are:1. Using Abundant White Space2. Delivering Value Propositions and3. Making Message on the Site Compelling and Convincing



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