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Are Gadgets of Today Changing Our Lives?

Look around and you will see people hardly interacting to one another. Even if they are, they’ve got earphones plugged into their ears talking indirectly to human but to some voices via the microphone on the phone. It ends not here, some are busy sitting inside the train playing games on their handheld devices and others are busy text messaging and chatting but not aware that somebody (a human) is sitting right next to him or her. I guess we should redefine the meaning of socializing. It’s time that we should limit it to the internet world or the so-called virtual world. People don’t care talking to real people but to a virtual person who has a Facebook profile or Twitter. There are advantages of gadgets and our taking it for granted has brought out its disadvantages too.

What if there’s no internet and the gadgets? Did you ever thought of it? It’s true that the world would seem too big but the warmth that everyone shared in the past would still be here. Now, nobody wants to speak to a stranger (on the train) who could be his or her best friend for years but is busy with the internet seeking which software development company is bringing out new products so that he or she can get hooked on to gadgets more than ever. Even these companies are busy in bringing out products that would help only the lazy group of people and bring up the number of fat and unhealthy people. Why do I say so? Look at every gadgets of today, even fans, cooling devices, television, etc. work with a remote controller and some work with voice commands. We don’t need to stand and walk in order to operate them. We can just lie on the couch eating junk foods and do everything without moving an inch. The only time we move is when nature calls. This in turn makes us lazy, fat and unhealthy.

On the other hand, gadgets and technological advancement is making our lives safe. Scientific experiments that took days and months to complete at one point of time are taking just hours or few days thereby making everything swift and simple. Web application development has also made managing records easy which thereby relieve us from working day-in and day-out sparing us time for our loved ones. We should make the most out of it.

The irony here is that I am pointing out what has gadgets done to our lives and at the same time I am using the same gadget to make the message available to the masses. I am here trying to propose that we should not forget that we have our real life, a life that runs without internet and electricity. We don’t need the help of android application development companies to live a better life but the warmth and love of our friends and family members. We should therefore not take gadgets for granted, we should make ourselves hale and hearty and most important of all, we should interact with people and prove that we are human and social.



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