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Facebook and Online Branding of Your Business – Part 6

What is the use of your Facebook fan page if the page itself is not interactive? It will give you zero success if the page is idle. Therefore, it is necessary that you encourage your fans to interact with each other. And how do you do that? Read on to know.
How to Encourage Interaction on Facebook Fan PageWhat is the main reason behind people using social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter? Most are here to interact with people whom they would otherwise have not known. So provide them what they need from your website.
Just sitting and waiting for people to react is not going help out. You are the one who should get the ball rolling. How is that? Here it is:

  • Post a question that will initiate a discussion. For instance, if your fans are looking for android application development related information, bring out a topic on the same.
  • Put a poll option that is simple to respond.
  • Integrate your FB page with applications like games.
  • Sharing or re-posting any interesting photo or information from other page or users.

This is how you initiate an interactive Facebook fan page for your software development company. Try it and see what result it brings to your business.



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