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Facebook and Online Branding of Your Business – Part 5

Here’s yet another tip on how to brand your business on Facebook and that is the approach of “Offering your Facebook fans something that they wouldn’t get anywhere”
Here’s how you do it. If you own an online business or an online store, you can give your fans something that they will not get anywhere. Online contests with attractive winner’s prize can get the attention of some customers but not all. If you are offering something which everyone is guaranteed of, gaining attention is not a problem. Such can be in the form of:

  • No shipping charges for Facebook fans
  • A special promotional gift to Facebook fans
  • Special product coupon for fans, etc.

Many companies has gained loyal customers through this approach and the more the loyal customers is, the greater is its popularity in the online world and offline too. Say, you own a software development company that deals with specially with Android application development, you can provide special offers to your Facebook fans related to the same.



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