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Facebook and Online Branding of Your Business – Part 4

One effective way of Branding online is engaging new visitors on your Facebook Fan Page. How can you do that so that it creates maximum impact on your business? Read on to know about that.
Facebook fan page walls as you know can be a very valuable tool for interacting with customers and other prospects. However, fan pages walls can be intimidating and confusing for first time visitors. Put yourself in one situation where you are entering a room filled with people who knows each other by name and are talking about things that you know nothing about. There’s nothing more awkward than that.
Therefore, instead of sending your visitors directly to your fan page’s wall, you can direct them to a customized page that welcomes new fans and provide them with useful information about your brand or company. This page should also be able to make visitors become your loyal customers.
As for instance, Oglacs Software Pvt. Ltd. – A software development company based in India providing high-end software solutions to companies worldwide and renowned for Android Application Development services. This gives first visitors a clear idea about what the company is about and what does it specialize in. You can even put up a video that presents services and aims of the company



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