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Facebook and Online Branding of Your Business – Part 3

As a continuation to the series of posts related to branding your business via Facebook, today I’ll be giving you another tip to keep your fans engaged on you Facebook Fan Page on your page. This can be done by keeping you content Genuine and Fresh.
Keeping Content Fresh
Keeping the content on your page fresh and genuine will give reasons to your fans to come back and visit your page again. Therefore, update your contents on the page on a regular basis. Saying this doesn’t mean that you should pick up anything from the web and post it. Analyze what your fans are looking for, what they are interested in and post updates that they will feel like reading and then click on the link provided. If your fans are interested in updates related to Android application development, post something fresh related to it or you can post a link to your latest blog post that talks about new Android application developed by some software development company.
You can also do the following things:

  • Integrating your other social media channels with your Facebook fan page
  • Automatically feed your new blog post to your Facebook Wall
  • User services that will post updated to all your social networking sites at once thereby saving time.
  • Set up YouTube and Photo hosting sites’ widget so that new videos and photos are automatically posted to your Facebook fan page or profile.



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